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Project description

The Matlab .NET Bridge is a managed code wrapper around the C Matlab engine API. It is designed to offer an interface that feels right when being called from managed languages such as C# and Visual Basic. It is also planned that in future niceties will be added for F# and dynamic languages such as IronPython.

The framework is intended to allow code written in Matlab to be called easily, but relatively performantly, from managed code applications on machines with a Matlab installation. It is therefore not intended for production code shipping on machines with no Matlab installation. Instead it is designed with research purposes in mind where some prototype code written in Matlab needs to be embedded in other applications.

Getting started

  • There has not yet been a release of the library, since it is still in a very incomplete state. If you are interested, please download the latest code and compile it yourself.

Current progress

  • Features The basic infrastructure has been implemented to invoke commands in a Matlab session, as well as very preliminary and incomplete work to enable marshalling arrays (including matrices, strings, cell arrays, and structures).
  • Naming The naming of classes and namespaces has not been finalised. Currently the main namespace being used is MatlabBridge.
  • Target platforms At present the framework is targetted toward and only works on Windows. The framework is being developed and tested with Matlab R2007b.

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